Q – Can The Nines play any special requests?
    A – Yes, The Nines are a professional band and can accommodate just about any request. Please be sure to discuss this at the time of booking.


    Q – Can The Nines play Hava Nagila?
    A – Yes, we love to play this one!


    Q – What is The Nines policy on alcohol at events?
    A – The Nines are an alcohol free band at all of our events, no exceptions. We want to put on the best event ever for you, we will be the goody goody’s rockin it in the house!


    Q – Are The Nines family friendly?
    A – Yes, we are very respectful to all ages at our events. As a rule we play the songs profanity free unless requested otherwise.


    Q – Are The Nines open to non traditional weddings? Gay weddings?
    Yes, we absolutely love all people the exact same, we want to be involved in your amazing day!


    Q – How reliable are The Nines?
    A – As reliable as you can get! Over the years we have literally done hundreds and hundreds of events and we’ve never been late or missed one! Following your event schedule is our main priority.


    Q – Will The Nines travel to our event?
    A – Yes, The Nines are able to travel to your event. Our home is based in beautiful Seattle but we have flown and driven all over the US.   Just let us know where and well be there!


    Q – Do we need any special equipment if we hire The Nines for our event?
    A – All of the sound/lighting equipment needed to do the event is brought by the band. We do not provide a stage or generator. If either is required please check with us.


    Q – Im getting married in the Summer, how soon should I book The Nines?
    A – The Nines are extremely popular.  Summer’s are the busiest month’s by far. If you are looking to schedule The Nines please book 12 -16 months in advance to ensure you get your date reserved.


    Q – Can you hold a date open for me?
    A – It is our policy to only hold a date when a booking contract is signed. If you see your date is open, be sure to jump on it! It may be gone next time you check 🙁


    Q – What do The Nines wear to an event?
    A – This is very easy… Black suits with ties. Always!


    Q – Will The Nines play overtime?
    A – Absolutely, we do this all the time. If the party is full steam ahead, and you’ve still got time left in the room, we would rather not stop! Overtime is discussed at the time of booking.